Engage in a Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Project

Sonali designs and delivers consulting projects over 6 to 12 months using her unique five-phase framework. She has steered key projects that have helped organisations understand what inclusion means at work and make progress on their D&I Plans and programs.

This involves facilitating confidential employee consultations, one-on-ones with leaders, cultural audit of current practices, detailed reporting and recommendations and co-creating plans and strategy related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion customised to your needs.

This helps organisations earn credibility from within, get expert help in shaping strategic direction and successfully gain traction on important people matters.

Sonali leads these consulting assignments and has deep experience in engaging with executive leaders, HR teams, D&I leads and Board Directors on wide-ranging projects. Her approach is consultative, empathetic, transparent and one that supports inclusion for all.

D&I Strategy and Planning

  • Understand where you are with your D&I strategy, or if you are starting out


  • Clarify your vision of a diverse & inclusive organisation


  • Find focus areas from the vast priorities of DEI and belonging


  • Engage employees in confidential consultations to hear their voice


  • Receive a comprehensive report on D&I perceptions and desired actions


  • Lean on a credible consultant to speak to your senior leaders


  • Participate in creating and owning customised D&I strategy and plans

Gender Equality Planning

  • Take stock of gender equality efforts and learn what more can be done


  • Share your specific challenges in a safe and consultative environment


  • Create an opportunity for women to speak up in a safe space


  • Benefit from hearing from women and allies via a confidential process


  • Receive a comprehensive gender equality report with valuable insights


  • Have an expert present gender equality findings to senior leaders 


  • Participate in creating and owning an actionable gender equality plan

Inclusive Work Practices

  • Clarify organisational understanding of inclusion and its meaning at work


  • Explore the various kinds of inclusion and practices available to you


  • Benefit from knowing what inclusion, belonging and respect mean at work


  • Involve employees in informing on actions on inclusion and belonging


  • Receive recommendations on how to cultivate greater inclusion


  • Design programs and messaging based on this robust foundation


  • Participate in creating and defining inclusive practices to guide actions

Consulting testimonial

“Sonali’s knowledge and passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is second to none. Her professional yet relatable approach allows her to connect to all employees in a very unique way. This in turn means that the learning is absorbed and understood regardless of your learning style. I highly recommend Sonali for any company or group wanting to expand and grow in this very relevant area.” – Alex J., Head People & Property, La Marzocco Australia